2010 Labour Party Leadership Election

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Britain is an established parliamentary democracy traditionally dominated by two political parties: Labour and Conservative. General election defeats usually prompt leadership challenges by candidates promising electoral success at the next election. 2010 was no exception with many Labour Members of Parliament offering themselves as the solution to fix the party’s electoral problems. Ed Miliband emerged as the victor in the Labour leadership contest, beating his elder brother alongside his other rivals. His success was dependent on his self portrayal as a left-wing candidate who had learned the relevant lessons from the mistakes encountered under Tony Blair’s New Labour. His vision of a new generation of political leader embracing long held cherished Labour values was a success. The leadership election demonstrated that internal divisions persisted within the Labour Party despite the election of a new leader


Labour Party, British Politics, General Elections, Social Democracy, Leaders

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21599/atjir.20754


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