Arab Uprising 2011: Emergence of Extremism in Middle East and Its Regional Consequences

Munir Hussain, Muhammad Kashif
2.968 627


Year 2011 was a renowned year in the Northern Africa and Middle East when Arab uprising rose in the remarkably important countries; Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, and Syria etc. After three years of Arab uprising, there is not a single country that has stable political system, democracy or peace. Egypt is under the military rule and elected president is behind bars. Syria and Iraq are suffering from severe civil war and there is a huge challenge of emerging wave of extremism in the form of ISIS. This research shows that Iran is increasing its political strength in the region. It has improved its regional muscle after plunge of Saddam government and Shiite government thereafter. Iraq is struggling for survival from state failure or disintegration. If it does so, there would be a considerable role of Shiite ethnicity and ISIS factor would also be substantial. ISIS factor will also impact on Saudi foreign policy, dealing with Sunni ethnic groups in the region and relations with the U.S.A. Current situation will also impact on courses of action by Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Yemen and also Pakistan in South Asia. Yemen and Pakistani societies are also struggling against extremism and Pakistani extremist groups showed their common ties, their substantial and sustained support to ISIS in Iraq.


Arab uprising, Middle East, revolution, geopolitics, Egyptian model, ISIS, turkey

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