A Discussion on Ethnic Identity

Gökhan BACIK
1.653 407


After the end of the cold war a new wave of expectations has come to the forefront. Accordingly, many substantial concepts and institutions are, and will be, changing. Within the margins of the global line of action, some concepts deserve a re-evaluation since they have become the determining facts of our political/international system. We have had these concepts for more than centuries, and we will continue to have them in the future. What makes them important is the changing role/meaning of these 'old,' or known, concepts/values. Of all discussed concepts and institutions, some of them, such as nation states, are now part of the ongoing discussions. However, considering the various sides of these ongoing discussions, one should note that the main discussion around the concept of identity - identification theory - constitutes a large portion of this disputation. This article discusses why it is the case. It points out that ethnic identity formation brings out its social and political outcomes due to the nature of the process, social and political environment and actors. Hence, in each different case it plays a different role. 

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