Book Review: Iranian and Turkish rapprochement: Damaged by the Arab Spring

Vahit Yücesoy
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Thierry Kellner and Mohammad Reza-D.jalili,Iranian and Turkish Rapprochement: Damaged by the Arab Spring L'Iran et la Turquie face au «printempsarabe» GRIPS: Bruxelles, 2012, ISBN - 978-2-87291-034-2. Well-researched, and well-documented, L'Iran et la Turquie face au Printemps arabe (Iran and Turkey in the face of the Arab Spring), written by authors Mohammad-Reza Djalili and Thierry Kellner, sets out to analyse the Arab Spring from the vantage point of two major non-Arab powers of the Middle East. Given the shortage of academic books on the reaction of these two major powers to the Arab Spring, the authors' book comes at a very pertinent time.


Arap Spring, Turkey, Iran

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