U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Azerbaijan: From 'Alliance to 'Strategic Partnership

Zafer Yildirim
1.710 639


U.S.-Azerbaijani relations are not limited to mutual interests between two countries. They have not only effected partnerships among other regional powers in the Caucasus, but also have been strongly influenced by them. In the post-Soviet era, Western concerns on limiting the influences of Russia and Iran in the region and guaranteeing Europe's energy security have made Azerbaijan a strategic ally for the West. Despite its importance for the West, Azerbaijan did not received necessary support from its new allies in a vital issue such as Nagorno Karabakh. As a result, Azeris have resorted to use the energy card to strengthen their hands in their quest to recover Karabakh region. This study aims to explain the current circumstances in US-Azerbaijani relations which are far away from their initial state.


Strategic Partnership, Nagorno Karabakh, Caspian Energy, Russia, Iran, Armenia, USA-Azerbaijan Relations.

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