Transformation of Turkish Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East : From Non-Involvement to a Leading Role

Cengiz Dinc and Mustafa Yetim
2.125 876


Turkey's foreign policy toward the Middle East has gone through a radical change over the decades. Earlier periods were marked by almost a complete neglect. However, since Üzal, Turkey's interest toward the region has constantly increased. Especially in the last few years of the AKP government, in line with the new foreign policy vision, the Middle East has started to occupy a central place in Turkish foreign policy. In this article, underlying factors of this changing policy and newly envisioned regional role for Turkey will be analyzed. Turkey now pursues a pro-active and multidimensional foreign policy; and the Middle East seems to be the most suitable area for Turkey to implement a successful foreign policy based upon its new parameters.


Turkey; Middle East, Turkish Foreign Policy, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Israel

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